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Math Talk Age 0-5 More and Same

The gift of words book cover front cover

When toddlers play, they grapple with complicated math concepts like more and same. A child’s playtime is the perfect time for parents and teachers to teach the math vocabulary they will need forever.

Words like more and same have hundreds of meanings and depend on parents and families to identify and name more and same objects, sounds, smells and situations.  For example, more describes quantities of food, colors, blocks, people, trucks, rainstorms and bedtime stories. Without parents to give them the abstract words more and same children could not understand that colors, vehicles, socks and smartphones can all belong to the same group.

Children can learn the big idea of more and same while they pour more milk or sort the socks. It doesn’t take more time. It takes adults to say more words like more & same. Understanding more is the basis (or DNA) for all addition and  subtraction. Play DNA is our acronym for Math Talk with children ages 0-5. In Play DNA adults Describe, Name and Ask questions about a child’s play and the math behind it.


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