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Make Home-School Connections With Math Talk Conversations

Collage of photos of books cover by Tammy and mother and son playing

Invite parents to explore the meanings of the word “more” at home while their children explore the math of more at school. Give families a copy of The Gift of Math: Twelve Math Conversation Starters for Parents and Young Children. The illustrated book uses conversation starters such as PlayDNA to connect children’s play and the math vocabulary that goes with it. Children ages 0 – 5 are motivated to learn the math because they choose what they want to play.

This workbook helps overcome parents’ math fears by giving them key math concepts that they can talk about while their children are playing. Repeating key math words is important as pre-covid NAEP scores showed a drop in 3rd grade vocabulary comprehension. Math conversation starters can provide a daily or weekly language focus in helping parents, classroom, and special education teachers to reinforce complicated math concepts. Parents can share their math talk with each other online thru and on classroom bulletin boards, in the block corner and at lunch.

The Gift of Math: Twelve Math Conversation Starters for Parents and Young Children and The Gift of Words: How do Children Learn to Talk? both offer strategies to increase language comprehension and are reinforced by weekly online activities and parent sharing through

Please consider giving The Gift of Math and The Gift of Words to every parent or passing this flier to your families. For discounts on bulk orders of 100 books or more, please call 773-327-0806.


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