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Ignite Your Toddler's Love for Math

The gift of words book cover front cover

During children’s imaginary play is a great time for parents to throw a little math learning on the fun. As children play, they repeatedly deal with fundamental math concepts such as more &less, same&different and before&after. These sets of math ideas occur in everyday play situations, but children need adults to describe and name out loud the math relationships.

Understanding more & less is the basis (or DNA) for all addition and  subtraction. Play DNA is our acronym for Math Talk with children ages 0-5. In PlayDNA adults Describe, Name and Ask questions about a child’s play and the math behind it.

Children must see, hear and use a new word 24 times before most of them can remember it. Teachers need help making sure abstract math concepts are named and repeated.

Our book, The Gift of Math, has a dozen ways for parents and teachers to turn children’s play into captivating journeys filled with numbers, shapes and stories full of math relationships.


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