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Invite Parent Literacy Leaders to Repeat Key School Words at Home

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If children must hear and use a new word 24 times before 80% of them can remember it, teachers will need help making sure special words get repeated.

Invite parents to become Literacy Leaders who agree to repeat key math vocabulary at home for 10 minutes a day. Choose a new school/home conversation starter each week and ask Literacy Leaders to repeat the same or similar words at home as the classroom math words.

Encourage parents to buy the workbook The Gift of Math, and learn PlayDNA, a way to turn a child’s play into a fun math vocabulary lesson. In PlayDNA, parents Describe, Name and Ask questions about math concepts the children encounter while they Play, such as same/different or before/after.

Each week change to a different Math Talk conversation starter from the book so the network of words the Literacy Leaders agree to repeat many times will change weekly. If both the teacher and all of her Literacy Leaders agree to repeat on the same conversation starter each week, for 10 mins, the children will hear words repeated at home and at school.


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