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A Last Name and an Address - Identity

A child’s last name is just as important as his first name. When we asked Edie her last name, she told us it was “Boo.” Edie is three. It’s time we say to her “Edie Steele, come here” or “Edie Steele eat your broccoli.” We all need to stop using our cutesy silly names like “Edie Boo, brush your teeth.” The tragically true story in the movie “Lion” plays out the horror of a lost child who doesn’t know his last name or where he lives. Edie, thinks she lives at 15E. That is her apartment number, but it isn’t her address. The whole family needs to shape up and give her the words she needs. We need to say Edie’s name and address a lot, until Edie can say it.

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