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Check in on the Community Playthings website

Their February 2017 post had wonderful open-ended questions (see below). Open-ended questions do not quiz or test. They are conversation starters because the asker wants to know what the child thinks.

  • Can you tell me why you’re angry? or, Do you know why you’re angry?

  • Is there some way I can help you feel better?

  • How can I help you remember?

  • Do you need help with that?

  • What can we do so that everyone playing in the block area is happy?

  • What can you both do to make this work out?

  • What’s another way to play so that no one gets hurt?

  • Do you need to stay sad/angry for a while?

  • You seem to be angry. Am I right about that?

  • You seem to be sad. Am I right about that?

  • Would you like a hug?

  • Do you need more time?

  • Would you like to do that by yourself?

  • What would you like to happen now?

  • We have two kinds of drinks. Which would you like?

  • What can I do to help?

  • May I switch your shoes to the right feet/wipe your nose/write your name on the paper/take your picture?

  • I need to change your diaper now, are you ready?

  • Do you need more materials to complete that collage?

  • Should we place your sculpture here to dry and continue tomorrow?

  • What can we do about making sure you get to the toilet in time?

  • What can you do to remember to wash your hands before eating?

  • I see that you are upset. Can you tell me why?


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