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Baby Talk

Families have many ways of expressing love: hugs, kisses, smiles, giggles, eyes, words. We all tend to do what our mothers did to us. That is what comes naturally. My family was very loving, but not big on using the words, “I love you.” I am learning from my daughter-in-law how delicious those words are. A baby tends to take baby talk, the kind words said directly to his face and eyes, as a version of “I love you.” I love seeing two-year-old Edie hug her older sister to chase away her fears with “I love you.” Edie likes to head butt her brother when she says “I Love You.” However we do it, adding words to our hugs, kisses, smiles, giggles, and looks is what gives a baby confidence and a big vocabulary. A big vocabulary is essential for success in school, in life, and in work.

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