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Talking while Nursing

Most babies love to nurse and drink from a bottle, but some do not. For a baby it is the beginning of having an opinion. A baby can refuse to suck a bottle and only suck while at her mother’s breast. She can suck with strong, hungry, slurps, or pull her head away, or stop and start with distraction while drinking milk. A baby does not have the words for her kind of nursing, but a mama does. A baby lets her know by asking for more, and spitting out what she doesn’t like. Mamas can use smiles and soothing words as they fix a baby’s bottle, even if the baby is mad and screaming for it. Mamas can teach a nine month old to use sign language for the words, “more” or “no.” Mamas use words like “yummy” and “yuck” and “so good” when they try to give a child the words for what she likes to eat, or what she doesn’t like. Sometimes mamas sing a sleeping song to a child for her last bottle of the night. Words are very important for nursing and for expressing an opinion. Would you share an opinion about nursing?

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